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If what is advertised above is not for you, then you can check out my blog for the recent posts. Currently there are not much posts are in the blog because I just recently moved away from my previous blog to start a fresh one with my own domain here and have been very busy with my web design business ever since.

Learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn, learn, and learn! Learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Who says you need thousands of dollars to get an education? Well, that may be relevant back in the days but not anymore. Knowledge should be free and accessible for everyone. EVERYONE! Maybe the service of...

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Why I Think Last Referrer Affiliate System Is Better

Last referrer is better. Why? Why I believe it is more dynamic and more controllable compared to the first referrer method? I put the situation in a story written below... Meet Mr. Click Bait and Mr. Victim Mr. Click Bait created a page on his website to promote his...

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How to Activate Maybank Debit Card Online Purchase

Effectively from 1st January 2016, Maybank debit card online purchase was disabled for online payment transactions for all debit cards, whether they are newly issued cards or existing cards. You can read the official announcement here on Maybank website. I found...

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