Who am I?

My name is Zulhilmi Sharifuddin. Welcome to my website. That is me right there. I was doing some business project with my friends. We were selling some food and beverages. This candid photo was taken by friend of mine. Anyway…

I help people build websites. I’m not a professional web developer nor a professional web designer. I have no degree in IT. But I managed to get my website up and running. I want people to know that it does not have to cost a fortune to build your own website. Provided that you are willing to learn and do it yourself and a little bit of an investment.

In case of time and the pursue of knowledge of getting it done yourself are not available to you, then you have no other option than to hire someone to help you with the process. You can hire a professional to get it done right just the way you like it. It will cost a lot but you get what you pay for. A $5000 looking website for a $5000 investment.

But what if you don’t really need a $5000 looking website done right away but instead you just want a simple looking website that does not cost a fortune to start with and you want to improve and invest more later in the future if needed? That’s where I come in.

I’m constantly learning and I would like to offer my service to those who don’t need everything but need something done right. Instead of everything under the sun, you decide what is it that you only and really want and that will be the only investment that you have to fork out.

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