How to Remove Maybank App Transfer Limit

You already set your daily transfer limit to whatever amount that is above RM1000 by using a browser and traditionally login to Maybank2u website. But somehow your Maybank app transfer limit on your smartphone is RM1000.

It is not because the app does not recognize your daily limit set in your Maybank2u (website) account. It is because the app has an additional setting that needs to be configured in order to remove that limit.

Here is how to remove the Maybank app transfer limit.

  1. Make sure to register Secure2u in the Maybank app
  2. Done. Yes, that’s all.

Here is a video from Maybank on how to register Secure2u on Maybank app

After you register Secure2u for your phone, the app will remove the RM1000 limit and it should be in sync with the daily limit that you have set in Maybank2u (website). The RM1000 notice that appear when you on transfer tab will disappear.

What is Secure2u?

Usually when you want to perform a transaction using either the Maybank2u website or Maybank app, your phone will receive an SMS containing 6-digit TAC. Then you manually have to type in those digits in order to proceed with the transaction. This provide an extra layer of security above the password entered to login into the website. For example, a person who knows your password still would not be able to perform a transaction unless he also has your phone with him.

Secure2u will add another 2 options for approving transactions. First is by using Secure Verification. You just tap “Approve” on the app when it asks for an approval before a transaction is made. Second is by using Secure TAC. It is just like the SMS but the 6-digit TAC number are generated on the app, so no more waiting for SMS.

If what I explained above still is not enough, you may proceed to Maybank website about secure2u by using the link below

Does it work for you? Let us all know in the comment section.

Fixing Divi Jumping Header Issue

Fixing Divi Jumping Header Issue

Are you a Divi user? When your site is loading, the top content of the page is moving up and down until it finds the final position to sit quietly? Is it annoying? Well, let’s fix our Divi jumping header.

I found that there are a lot of Divi users who are experiencing this problem too and just can’t find the remedy for the frustration. You can have a look at the comment section of this post from Divi Space on how to fix this very problem. I tried the suggestions but those never fixed my website.

So how did I fix my Divi jumping header?

Go to Theme Customizer > Header & Navigation > Primary Menu Bar > Set background color to a solid color. Any solid color without any transparency. This quickly fixed the jumping header issue on my website.

But I want to color my header with transparency

One temporary way to style your header is by using style.css in your child theme folder. Open your stylesheet and use “#main-header” class.

For example:

#main-header {
  background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0);
  box-shadow: none;

This will make the header fully transparent and remove the bottom shadow that look like a bottom border.

Hope this will fix your jumping header.

Learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn, learn, and learn! Learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Who says you need thousands of dollars to get an education? Well, that may be relevant back in the days but not anymore. Knowledge should be free and accessible for everyone. EVERYONE! Maybe the service of spreading the knowledge should not be considered free, maybe, but the knowledge itself should. No one should “own” knowledge.

This website that I am writing this on, I built it myself. Not entirely of course. WordPress took care most of the work but to get it up and running require some exposure and some general knowledge on how to set up a website. So I got my website running. How do I design it to my liking? Assuming the current themes available in this world, free or premium ones, do not satisfy my needs. That requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Where to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

Khan Academy! That’s where we should go. Well actually the whole Internet universe is sharing its knowledge with the whole world but Khan Academy took it to the next level. At the academy, you will have video instructions and then followed by some exercises to put those still hot knowledge into practice. Just like what we  experienced before back in schools. The only difference is we are learning all of those online instead of attending physical classes. While learning these subjects, I get to experience a new style of video instruction lessons. The video is “alive”. We can pause the video instructions and make changes real time to the video itself to see the effect or outcome instantly. I don’t know how to put this experience in words. The only way to know this is to try it yourself.

Codecademy is another great place to further learning about coding and programming.

Future Update

I will update this post as I learn more. I will publish this post without waiting to have everything in it first.


Why I Think Last Referrer Affiliate System Is Better

Why I Think Last Referrer Affiliate System Is Better

Last referrer is better. Why? Why I believe it is more dynamic and more controllable compared to the first referrer method?

I put the situation in a story written below…

Meet Mr. Click Bait and Mr. Victim

Mr. Click Bait created a page on his website to promote his affiliate link on product X. Mr. Victim came to his website to check out some of his opinions on a certain product. Mr. Victim came to Mr. Click Bait’s website because the website showed up on Google search page based on the keywords entered by Mr. Victim. The title of the page indicated that the page was about a review of product X.

After reading the review on product X, Mr. Victim realized that (more…)

How to Activate Maybank Debit Card Online Purchase

How to Activate Maybank Debit Card Online Purchase

Effectively from 1st January 2016, Maybank debit card online purchase was disabled for online payment transactions for all debit cards, whether they are newly issued cards or existing cards.

You can read the official announcement here on Maybank website.

I found out about this when I was about to make an online purchase but my card got denied during the checkout process.

How To Get Maybank Debit Card Online Purchase Working Again?

To enable E-Commerce transaction for online purchases, you need to call MGCC (Maybank Group Customer Care) at 1300 88 6688 for immediate on the spot activation.

During the call, I was asked some questions to (more…)