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Fixing Divi Jumping Header Issue

Are you a Divi user? When your site is loading, the top content of the page is moving up and down until it finds the final position to sit quietly? Is it annoying? Well, let's fix our Divi jumping header. I found that there are a lot of Divi users who are experiencing...

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Learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn, learn, and learn! Learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Who says you need thousands of dollars to get an education? Well, that may be relevant back in the days but not anymore. Knowledge should be free and accessible for everyone. EVERYONE! Maybe the service of...

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A Fresh Start

Welcome to my blog! Well how is that for another common mediocre invitation. I've never been good on pleasing people with flowery words. Anyway, this blog is my fresh start in my journey within blogging world. My previous blog has not been a consistent medium for me...

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How I Maintain My Phone

After over 3 years of usage, my Lumia 920 battery life is still great. I still get almost a day out of this monster. Why monster? Because it has no phone case attached but it has no scratch or any cosmetic damage over 3 years of daily usage. Of course, I am very...

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