After over 3 years of usage, my Lumia 920 battery life is still great. I still get almost a day out of this monster. Why monster? Because it has no phone case attached but it has no scratch or any cosmetic damage over 3 years of daily usage. Of course, I am very careful at handling it. Despite of its plastic body, which is considered not up-to-date considering many of its competitors are using aluminium body, Lumia 920 does not disappoint me.

Anyway, enough of that. That phone can speak for itself.

So how did I maintain my phone?

The are a lot of articles online if you wished to read on but below are what I’ve done throughout the years. 

Always have a dedicated compartment for phone

Having a dedicated place to store your phone can prevent or at least reduce the chance of it getting scratched by something that are also stored in the same compartment such as things in pants pockets like keys, coins, etc. I know the phone has hardcore glass and body but I think it is a good practice to do so for any touch screen phone without body case.

Why no body case? Why buy a beautiful expensive phone only to be haunted with a dilemma of having to slap it with a not equally beautiful case? This is the very reason why manufacturers should build a tank phone that is also beautiful. At least Nokia/Microsoft had done it with Lumia 920 and other models for touch screen smartphones. I hope they continue this wonderful effective combination.

Don’t let the screen turned on during idle

Why? Because it is unnecessary. There is no one looking at it. No reason for it to stay on.

Go to Settings > Lock Screen > Screen times out after

Set it to “30 seconds”

That is the minimum value allowed. That is enough. For me at least. This setting caused me to adjust my habit when using the phone. I was mesmerizing some photos and the screen timed out after 30 seconds because I was looking at the same photo for the period of time without touching the screen. After that screen went dark, I just move on with my life.


Switch off WiFi and cellular data connection when there is no need for it

Both of this connections consume battery life.

Getting out of your house? Turn off the WiFi connection. Now suddenly at your friend’s house and he has a WiFi? Turn it on again. Yes, it is tedious.

Not subscribed to any data plan? Turn the data connection off for an eternity.

Don’t leave the camera turned on for too long

Done snapping a photo? Close the camera app.

Still want to take another one? Slide left/right to get to the latest photo captured while you are finding your next subject and finding the right spot to take another photo. By doing this, the camera is not turned on while you are not snapping photo but the you can quickly switch to the camera just by sliding right/left.

I can’t confirm this technically. I just assume because the screen is not displaying what the camera is pointing at. Just like when you are viewing a photo. Let me know if I am wrong.

Set the screen brightness to the lowest

I’ve done this and never had any trouble looking at the content on the display.

Sure the color on the display is not as pretty as if it is set to the maximum brightness but I have no use for the maximum brightness. I rarely show my phone to someone else anyway. If I were to show off my photos to someone, then I simply can change its brightness.

Don’t use the phone for something that can be done faster on a computer

In case you are already working in front of a computer, why use your phone to browse the web or watch YouTube videos when you can use the monitor that has a larger screen, a keyboard to type on faster than the small touch keyboard on your small phone, a mouse, a better speaker, etc. Of course this only apply to those things that available on both devices instead of just one such as WhatsApp where you need to use the phone to reply your messages/chats.

The point is to reduce the usage of the phone whenever possible. If the computer is switched on and you are using your phone, then who is using the computer? This wastes both of the devices’ electricity consumption.

Take care of the charging cable

When your phone is attached to the charging cable, make sure the wire is not easily tripped by someone walking near it. Because if someone trip over the wire, then the phone will be flying across the room and crashes the solid brick wall and falls down onto the shiny marble floor.



A lot of ways available but these are the ones that I actually practiced before and still do. Don’t seem like much but it works for me and I hope they do for you too. What are your own personal tips to take care of your phone? Perhaps they are not yet available on the Internet? Who knows. Sharing is caring. 😀