Resources to Kick Start Your Website

Below is a list of the resources that I currently use, have used or experienced or tested, and recommend for anyone who wants to build a website either for personal blogs or businesses or any kind of websites. I believe these tools are a good starting point.

Disclosure: Namecheap, HostGator, Bluehost, Elegant Themes, and ThemeForest links in this page are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will (or not*) earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. * Different companies practice different methods in affiliate system. The commission receipt and rejection are totally up to the companies’ terms and conditions.


My domain is managed on Namecheap. It is recommended to have a separate vendors to hold your domain and your web hosting. It is easier to manage them too. For my example, I have my domain on Namecheap and my hosting on HostGator.


I’ve been on HostGator since 2012. They are reliable and has not disappointed me yet. I think their customer support is appraised and ranked to be one of the top contenders in web hosting service.


Bluehost is another top web hosting provider available. I heard that both Hostgator and Bluehost are owned by the same parent company now. Talk about a massive business takeover.

If you are not satisfied with the free themes available in WordPress repository, then you might have to spend some money on the premium ones. But wait! Take note that there are also free themes available outside of WordPress repository but just remember to check them first for security issues because some bad guys might put some malicious code into the themes that can cause havoc on your websites. This also apply to plugins as well. And don’t assume that the premium ones are also free of those.

Elegant Themes and ThemeForest so far have built some credibility to be reliable marketplace for premium plugins that are free from malicious codes. Don’t take my word for it. Just be careful every single time and do some research before buying.

Don’t assume. Make sure.

Elegant Themes

I’m currently using Divi, a theme from Elegant Themes, one the most powerful WordPress themes available in the market for those who are non-technical like me. It saves me a lot of time and it is also easy to use. Of course some learning curve is present and some time is needed to be spent on learning this theme but once you can grab the basics on how to use it, there is no stopping you to customize your site according to your desire. There are currently 87 themes available on Elegant Themes with a single price tag. You pay them once (lifetime package) and you can get the access to all of their themes and plugins for an eternity. Or can opt for a yearly package. If you want to check out Divi straight away, you can click the banner below.

Divi WordPress Theme


ThemeForest is also one of the largest marketplace for premium themes.

Wordfence Security

Kinda like antivirus, anti malware, and firewall in one bundle. I think. The first time I got into WordPress, I thought that I could just think about blogging and nothing about these issues. But then I found that there are also viruses and malware that can infect server that hosts your website. What a bummer. I thought I only need to worry about these on operating systems.


The affiliate links contain in this page were cloaked using this plugin. It hides the original long and ugly affiliate links. It also make it easier to track and manage your links. I use the free version. There is also a premium version with extra features and functions that probably suit your needs.

Yoast SEO

Bet every bloggers who heard about the word SEO would know about this plugin. You definitely need to check Google to learn about SEO because I don’t know how to explain it in layman’s terms. Other than that, I would say this plugin is a must for all who want their websites to be relevant to search engines.

SiteOrigin Page Builder

It’s free and it’s awesome. So as the other two plugins below from the same developer. It let you design your website page without too much knowledge of HTML and CSS. But to fully take advantage of these plugins, those knowledge are crucial.

Everyone has their own resources or tools that suit their needs. Whichever the case, the plugins or apps that we use are supposed to make our job easier so that we can focus more time to work on the reasons why we started our websites in the first place and less time on the other matters that even though are also important but do not really contribute in improving our skills doing what we love.

If you have suggestions on what tools that I should try, just let me know. And if you still do not have a list of the tools that you use on daily basis, then it would be a good cause to make one and share with the world. Even I learned to make this list from others.

I hope someone can benefit from what I have shared above and can use them to make their websites better, more fun, and less hassle.